Murder Mystery Tours

Murder Mystery Dinner: –
Fancy going a bit Jessica Fletcher for your hen. Our Murder Mystery evening is fun, interactive and tailored entirely to your group. Our professional actors greet the guests in character from the moment you walk through the door. We’ll even write you into the script before the event date. This always take place over dinner. This will be one to tell the grandkids about!

Murder Mystery Pub Crawl:
Our Actor meets you in the venue; you are each given a character to play for the event, you receive your characters names with details of your likes/dislikes, characteristics/traits, hobbies, date of birth etc…. Suddenly the Actor is poisoned and “One of YOU” has done it, You have to solve the Crime and find the suspect by interviewing the other guests, Our actor plays multiple characters and gives out clues in each pub you visit.

Treasure Hunt:
Want to get out and about for your Hen Party or corporate event. This one is for you. We meet you with a book of clues and a map of the city and separate you into teams and then set you off on a hunt! We will personalise the booklet to feature pictures of the happy couple. This is a great bonding experience for the girls, and is a great way of everyone getting to know each other better, if they don’t already.